Welcome To The City Of Night Live Camera

Alameda, California, U.S.A.

The Only Publicly Telerobotic, Live Internet Camera
In The San Francisco Bay Area!
In Continuous Operation Since June, 1995.

Amateur Television
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Hit Your RELOAD BUTTON For The Latest Picture. You can aim the camera by clicking on the left and right arrow buttons.
You will have to wait about 1 minute after pressing a movement button, before you will see the result, since it takes that long to digitize a new image.
This image is automatically updated at 3-minute intervals, 24 hours a day.
If camera movement is requested, then the image update process will be triggered immediately.
You are viewing the scene from the top of my antenna tower at Amateur Radio Station WA6ZJG in Alameda, CA.
For best results, please read these Instructions before operating our camera.
You can also read some Technical Information about our Camera Installation, if you are interested.
You can even visit with the people who built the camera by Telnetting To The BBS.
If the picture is dark, with only street lights, then its probably night time here in Alameda!
In any case, you can view some Saved Pictures,
or read more info About Alameda.
There are also Other Cameras on City and elsewhere on the Internet.

There Is More Neat Stuff At The City Of Night Home Page,
including pointers to interesting pages maintained by local high school students and users of our Bulletin Board.
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