Instructions For City's Live Telerobotic Camera

The camera picture is automatically updated once about every minute. If a movement command is issued, then the picture update process will be started immediately, regardless of the timer. It takes just over 30 seconds to digitize a new image.

You should always press your browser's RELOAD button to make sure you have the latest picture. Some browsers do not automatically retrieve the latest picture unless you do this.

Make sure your browser's 'Verify Documents Every Time' option is set. Otherwise, you will get the same image from your cache every time.

The digits on the top left of the image are the time of image capture. The clock is nearly always fast - this is a known bug. However, you can use the changing digits to determine if a new image has been digitized.

If you point the camera at the SUN, it will not be damaged. However, the picture will be totally distorted.

If several people are attempting to move the camera at the same time, it might not move the direction you expect! The motion control does not 'queue up' requests; it merely follows the last command entered in any 5-second period. If you get a 'damaged' picture file, just try again since the file was probably in the midst of being updated by our software.

There is a 'stop' just to the right of the large power pole. To pan any further to the right, you will have to use the left buttons to go all the way around. Otherwise, the wires leading to the camera would get tangled!

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