Here is a list of good Internet starting points

If you are using the Internet to find specific information, try one of these popular Search Engines:

InfoSeek Net Search.
Probably the largest organized list of Internet resources available. This engine always seems to be able find the Info I need. However, there are some limits on non-paying clients.

World Wide Web Consortium - Data Sources By Type
This is a good starting point if you already know what kind(s) of Internet sources you want to search (gophers, archies, etc).

The Magellan
Large number of sites indexed. Many sites rated with a movie-style 4-star system!

A web-crawling robot. Millions of home pages.

Another web-crawling robot. More millions of home pages.

The Net Navigator
A brand-new searchable index. Allows instant addition of URL's to their database.

Open Text

This engine searches UseNet archives. Good for finding answers to Frequently Asked Questions on many subjects, especially technical stuff.

A very large and well-organized list.

If you want to find out more about the World Wide Web or the Internet itself, try these sites:

The World Wide Web Consortium
Where the Web started. Originators of the CERN HTTPd Server.

University Of Kansas
Originators of the LYNX text-based browser, which brought web access to millions of people who don't have Netscape-capable machines or connections.

National Center For Super Computing Applications
Originators of the NSCA HTTPd Server.

Nova Southeastern University (Inter-Links)
A good tutorial for people who are new to the Internet

New (And Old) Users Guide
Another good guide to the Internet.

Here are some sites that provide pointers to Games and Entertainment:


The World Wide Web Shopping Mall
The future of shopping.