Information About The Hardware And Software Which Make Up City

[PHOTO: The City Computer]

The City BBS Computer

City Of Night BBS runs on a home-made clone 386DX40 personal computer. We have 4 Hayes Optima 2400 modems with MNP, 7 CPI 2400 modems, and 2 Zoom 14.4 Faxmodems. There are 6 direct serial connections to the City Of Night Internet Server. The system has 4 Megs of RAM. The BBS can be reached 24 hours at (510) 521-7827.

The City Internet Server

The City Internet Server was installed to give our membership full access to the Internet. It runs on a second 386DX40 computer with 20 megs of RAM running Linux Slackware. This system has a dedicated 24-hour SLIP connection to the 'Net at 38.4 Kbaud. It supports shell accounts for the City users, these and other Home Pages, and the City's CircleMUD Online Game. The Server can be reached by telnet to CityNight.COM.


The Original BBS System

City Of Night started out in 1982 running with homegrown software on a Commodore VIC-20 computer with 2 1540 floppy drives. The switch to IBM hardware was made in 1987. Except for a brief period in that year, City has always been homegrown software, written from scratch by the Chief Programmer.