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We at City Of Night believe that Everyone should be able to establish their presence on the World Wide Web. To help meet that goal, we have established this Automatic Web Page Builder which will enable you to create a Home Page for yourself right here at City Of Night! This service is free to all users. Pages will be kept a minimum of one month (maybe longer, depending on system resources and on how interesting your page is). If you know how to code html and http references, you are welcome to include them in your page. This means that you can put in pictures and links to other pages.

Do NOT use this page to advertize commercial products or services.!

Your page will not be accessible on the Web until you Activate it using a secret password which will be e-mailed to you. Enter your E-mail Address so we can send you your password:

Enter the NAME you'd like to use for your page. Your URL will be of the form: where 'name' is the name you enter here. Please enter no more than seven characters using only letters and numbers (no spaces or special symbols):

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Enter the TEXT you want to have appear on your page. You can also enter html tags and attributes, and links to graphics or other pages. But if you enter URL's, be sure to fully qualify them! A shortened URL that works on your local machine, won't work here!:

The System Operators reserve the write to delete any page which does not meet our standards.

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